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Mark Levin, Trumpster — 7 Comments

  1. I had a lot of respect for Levin and as far as I’m concerned he can vote for anyone he feels is right. Where he lost my respect was announcing on air that he was officially nevertrump and then flip flopping and announcing on air that he was voting for cheeto jesus… all he managed to do was lose listeners and give trumpsters ammo to throw at us… he should’ve kept his mouth shut on his vote. In my book he told the world that he is party over principle.

  2. Steve Deace has a great new article at CR today talking about those that have bought into the “binary choice” argument. Levin has proclaimed one of the two between Trump and
    Clinton are going to win the presidency, and certainly you can’t vote for Hillary. He is an exact example of just who Deace was referring to. I wonder if it was intentional.

    I haven’t listened to his show for several weeks now, knowing he was going to eventually feel compelled to tell his listening audience that he is voting for Trump, as though it was something he thought his listeners just had to know. He did more damage to his Constitutional Conservative reputation than he will ever know in the short term.

  3. I really was shocked when Mark said he was voting for Trump after as you point out, the last year he was so anti-Trump. Everyone has to be able to live with their decision and mine is #NeverTrump#NeverClinton.

  4. I also denounce Mark Levin. A True Constitutional Conservative would NOT waste his sacred vote for a Liberal like Trump.

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