David Levin Standing on principle and conscience, Dave Levine offers insight into current political strategies. His perspectives are shared by many and need to be understood because the very future of our nation is at stake.


Standing for principle and voting your conscience or not voting as the case may be is the foundation of this movement. Building a growing audience of supporting individuals, standing on principles and voting their conscience is an important part of this action and of the message on this site.


Until the Madman Donald Trump is defeated on Election Day, #NeverTrump Patriots will not rest! We have the majority of the Republican Party and the majority of Independent voters on our side. Trump is in deep trouble despite what some polls say. But some formerly #NeverTrump voters and anti-Trump folks have bowed to RNC pressure and are following hypocrites like syndicated Republican talk show host Mark Levin to “the dark side”. It’s important that #NeverTrump Patriots never give in and never vote for the Maniac!