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Patriot of the Week

Our ***Patriot of the Week*** is Judge Roy Moore who won the Alabama Republican Primary for U.S. Senator by 6 points or 26,000 votes over the appointed RINO incumbent, Strange. Mo Brooks took third and is out but garnered 83,000 votes. Had Brooks not run, Moore would won in a landslide. Brooks will not endorse either candidate, he says, but I expect Moore to capture two thirds of Brooks’ voters in the September 26th runoff against Strange. The GOPe is deathly afraid of Moore and has sunk a ton of money into Strange’s campaign to defeat the Judge. But the people of Alabama wouldn’t have any of it and they won’t in the runoff, either!

For running an excellent grass roots campaign, we salute Judge Roy Moore as our next Senator from Alabama and our ***Patriot of the Week***!

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