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Dave Levine Online, an Independent Conservative blog, is run by a Patriot you can count on—me! 

Let me be clear: If President Trump comes out strongly AGAINST Amnesty or legalization of ANY kind and promises the nation that he will NEVER sign such a bill, I will no longer be a #NeverTrump Conservative. So far, however, he seems to be asking Congress for an Amnesty bill. He could very easily call a presser and tell the nation he will NEVER sign an Amnesty bill and with the stroke of his pen, he can end DACA Amnesty!

I’ll be posting a variety of stories and commentary daily and will always have an open thread for those posters desiring to post stories and commentary I might have missed or am not offering.

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I am pleased to announce that I have just signed an extension of the Show thru December 31, 2018. I have also renewed my M-F commentaries played on KMET thru December 31, 2018. I should have MORE good news soon for my Midwest listeners!

A special “thank you” to IRLI Senior Counsel Michael Hethmon for being my Guest on the October 4th show! You can hear the podcast of that show 24/7 on my Podcasts page. We covered a lot of important ground on DACA, the DREAM Act Amnesties as well as what to do about the evacuees from The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico who’ve fled to Florida. My interview of Judge Roy Moore on the July 26th show can be heard also on the Podcasts page. Another special “thank you” to Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel for his cogent responses to my questions on the December 13th show (available to hear 24/7 on my Podcasts page). Virginia U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stewart was my Guest on December 27th.

KMET 1490 AM broadcasts my 1.5-minute commentaries “Dave Levine L.A.O.” on the breaks of some shows in the mornings and early afternoons, Monday thru Friday. You can hear them from my podcast page with the most recent commentary listed first at

Again, welcome to Dave Levine Onlinethe new blog home for Patriots!


Patriot of the Week

Our ***Patriot of the Week!*** is Denver County Sheriff’s Deputy Zach Parrish, 29, who was gunned down by nutjob attorney Matthew Riehl, 37 as he and other officers had approached Riehl’s apartment after reports of gunfire. Army Reservist Riehl was killed in a firefight with SWAT members. Authorities had considered filing charges against him the week before.

Deputy Parrish leaves behind a wife and two children. 

For his devotion to law and order and for giving his life to keep us safe, Deputy Parrish is, posthumously, our ***Patriot of the Week***!

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