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My Guest on July 19th will be Pennsylvania State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro (D-Erie). Rep. Bizzarro is our co-Patriot of the Week this week for his work on HB 1238 which became law on June 28th bringing his state up to proper standards with toughened animal cruelty laws. One of the worst cases of pet abuse was just uncovered in Lawrenceville (Pittsburg) which I reported on here.

KMET 1490 AM will continue broadcasting my 1.5-minute commentaries “Dave Levine L.A.O.” on the breaks of some shows in the mornings and early afternoons, Monday thru Friday. You can hear them from my podcast page with the most recent commentary listed first at

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Patriot of the Week

Our ***Patriot of the Week*** is San Antonio Police Officer Miguel Moreno, 32. who on June 29th was murdered as he got out of his patrol car by suspect Andrew Bice. Also shot was Officer Moreno’s partner, Officer Julio Cavazos but he was able to shoot the murdering druggie Bice in the buttocks. Bice, wounded, then committed suicide.

For giving his life to protect San Antonio from career criminals like Bice, Officer Miguel Moreno is, posthumously, our ***Patriot of the Week***!

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